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Cost-effective high-resolution PET scanner technology

About us

We're a spin-off company from the University of Aveiro whose main activity is the R&D of radiation detection and imaging systems. We want more talented students, researchers, technologists and doctors to fully understand and use a molecular imaging technology that can accelerate drug development and detect early disease: Positron Emission Tomography. Our intelligent PET system and scanning method achieves high performance while reducing complexity and costs by more than 80%, enabling a much wider use of this powerful technology. Our mission is to WIDEN ACCESS TO PET IMAGING, by making it much more affordable to:

  • Biomedical Research Laboratories carrying out preclinical research in small animal models;
  • Technical Universities and Health Technology Schools teaching and training nuclear medical imaging professionals;
  • Hospitals and Diagnostic Imaging Clinics.


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RI-TE offers world-class solutions in the fields of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmacy, Medical Imaging and associated instrumentation.

PET Scanners

EasyPET technology is a new concept for high-resolution PET imaging. Its simplicity allows overcoming the main barriers to the adoption and use of PET: high complexity and cost.


With our experience and know-how of radiation detection and imaging we can help you with your challenges and have a positive impact in your projects.


Entry-level preclinical PET scanner for small animal imaging research and training of nuclear medicine technologists.

iPET / breast iPET

Upgraded systems specially designed and engineered for advanced preclinical imaging research (iPET) and breast-dedicated PET.

Detector Assembly

Trust in our expertise for:

- Detector Development;

- Design, evaluation, repair and upgrade

Software Development

Exclusive solutions in:

- Radiation detectors and data acquisition;

- User interface;

- Image reconstruction and processing;

- Computacional simulations of radiation imaging systems.


RI-TE provides services in:

- Radiation detection and imaging field;

- Biomedical engineering subjects;

- Project management;

- Technical reporting,

- Intellectual property, etc.

Our Team

Highly skilled and driven.


Filipe Castro



João Veloso



Ana Luísa



Pedro Correia



Martim Guedes



Pedro Encarnação



Adriana Azevedo

Sales scientist


André Sá



Fabiana Morais



RI-TE collaborates with several partners in industry and academia for product R&D, pilot tests, production, marketing and sales.

DRIM lab @ dfis

Product R&D and tests


Provider of easyPET education kit

iCBR @ fmuc

R&D, small animal imaging trials

Univ. Manchester


Univ. Insubria


Exatronic Lda



Mechanics, prototyping

EIT Health

Mentoring, Coaching

UA Incubator @ PCI

Incubation services

Ridgeview AB

Biomolecular research instruments


Representation in AUS/NZ

We're always open to new collaborations that can help our company grow forward and our products go global.

Please reach out to us if you'd like to become a partner in our mission to provide the next generation PET scanners!


IEEE Medical Imaging Conference 2019

EasyPET.3D was presented at the 2019 IEEE NSS/MIC/RTSD in Manchester, UK, 26 October - 2 November.

EANM 2019

EasyPET.3D was presented at the 2019 EANM Congress, 12-16 October in Barcelona, Spain.

Total Body PET conference 2018

RI-TE participated and was a bronze sponsor of the Total Body PET conference 2018, organized by Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital (Belgium, June 30 - July 2).

Startup Olè 2018

RI-TE participated and exhibited at Startup Olè 2018 (Salamanca, April 17-19), where it was selected to pitch before the king of Spain and the president of Portugal.

20ª Feira do Empreendedor

RI-TE participated and exhibited at the 20th Entrepreneur Fair (Porto, Nov. 23-25).

Web Summit

RI-TE participated and exhibited at Web Summit 2017 (Lisbon, Nov. 6-9).


Deep Tech Pioneer

RI-TE was selected as one of Hello Tomorrow's Deep Tech Pioneers, among more than 5000 startups from 128 different countries that applied to the 2020 Global Challenge, and a finalist of the Orano international startup call.

Projects co-financed by EU

RI-TE received funding under the operational programme Centro 2020, supported by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), to lead the execution of R&D project "EasyPET" (2016-18), in co-promotion with the Portuguese Universities of Aveiro (UA) and Coimbra (UC). More recently, RI-TE was awarded further funding to lead a new R&D project "iPET" (2019-22), in consortium with the 2 Universities and Exatronic Lda.

Portuguese Innovation Agency

As of February 2019, RI-TE is recognized by the National Innovation Agency as fit and proper for the practice of R&D activities in the scientific and technical domains of "Advanced technologies applied to health" and "Other medical technologies".

EIT Health

RI-TE was a medtech semifinalist of EIT Health Catapult 2018 competition, receiving expert mentorship and smart money from EIT Health, including a 3rd place prize at the EIT Joint Grand Final in Budapest, November 2018. Furthermore, RI-TE was selected for Go Global Medtech/Digital Health 2019 program and is part of the EIT Health Investor Network.

Internet+ China

RI-TE received the golden award among 60 teams in the International Track of the 4th China "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Xiamen and silver award in the 1st "Internet+" between China and Portuguese Language Countries in Macau, October 2018.

European Commission

RI-TE has received the Horizon 2020 seal of excellence following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, of project proposal "iPET" submitted under SME instrument phase 2 call (Nov. 2017).

Venture Cup

RI-TE won the HealthTech category of Venture Cup Portugal 2017 (Porto, June 30) and participated in the University Startup World Cup 2017 (Copenhagen, Sep. 18-22), receiving the Best Customer Focus HealthTech award.

ANJE Startup Accelerator

RI-TE was awarded with an installation prize after participating in ANJE (Portuguese National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) Startup Accelerator Program in 2015.

Startup League

RI-TE is sponsored by the Startup League.


We are looking for R&D engineers (biomedical/optoelectronics/informatics) motivated to work in innovative medtech solutions and with experience in one or more:

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