We're a spin-off company from the University of Aveiro whose main activity is the R&D of radiation detection and imaging systems.

We want more talented students and researchers to fully understand and use a molecular imaging technology that can detect early disease and accelerate drug development: Positron Emission Tomography.

Our intelligent PET system and scanning method achieves high performance while reducing complexity and costs by more than 80%, enabling a much wider use of this powerful technology.

Our mission is to WIDEN ACCESS TO PET TECHNOLOGY, making it much more affordable to:

- Biomedical research laboratories performing preclinical small animal molecular imaging research;

- Technical Universities and Health Technology Schools teaching and training nuclear medical imaging professionals.


High quality images of mice brain!

the best price/performance PET scanners

for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging research and training


RI-TE offers world-class solutions in the fields of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmacy, Medical Imaging and associated instrumentation.


Highly skilled and driven

Filipe Castro


João Veloso


Martim Guedes

Investing Partner

Ana Luisa Silva


Pedro Correia


Pedro Encarnação

Physics Engineer



Fabiana Morais

Filipe Alves

Marketing trainee

João Lucas


RI-TE collaborates with several partners in industry and academia for product R&D, pilot tests, production, marketing and sales.

DRIM lab @ dfis

Product R&D and tests


Provider of easyPET education kit

iCBR @ fmuc

R&D, small animal imaging trials

Univ. Edinburgh

R&D, small animal imaging trials

Univ. Insubria


Exatronic Lda



Training activities


Mechanics, prototyping

EIT Health

Mentoring, Coaching

UA Incubator @ PCI

Incubation services

Grenke SA

Renting solutions


Representation in AUS/NZ

We're always open to new collaborations that can help our company grow forward and our products go global.

Please reach out to us if you'd like to become a partner in our mission to provide the next generation PET scanners!


Total Body PET Conference 2018 - Belgium

Total Body PET conference 2018

RI-TE participated in the Total Body PET conference 2018, organized by Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital (June 30 - July 2 at Ghent, Belgium). Click here for more information.

Startup Olè

Startup Olè 2018

RI-TE participated and exhibited at Startup Olè 2018 (Salamanca, April 17-19), where it was selected to pitch before the king of Spain and the president of Portugal.

convites feira

20ª Feira do Empreendedor

RI-TE participated and exhibited at the 20th Entrepreneur Fair (Porto, Nov. 23-25).

web summit image

Web Summit

RI-TE participated and exhibited at Web Summit 2017 (Lisbon, Nov. 6-9).


EIT image

Portuguese Innovation Agency

As of February 2019, RI-TE is recognized by the National Innovation Agency as fit and proper for the practice of R&D activities in the scientific and technical domains of "Advanced technologies applied to health" and "Other medical technologies".

EIT image

EIT Health

RI-TE was a medtech semifinalist of EIT Health Catapult 2018 competition, receiving expert mentorship and smart money from EIT Health, including a 3rd place prize at the EIT Joint Grand Final in Budapest, November 2018.
Furthermore, RI-TE was selected to attend the Go Global Medtech/Digital Health 2019 program and is part of the EIT Health Investor Network.

China image

Internet+ China

RI-TE received the golden award among 60 teams in the International Track of the 4th China "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Xiamen and silver award in the 1st "Internet+" between China and Portuguese Language Countries in Macau, October 2018.

H2020 image

European Commission

RI-TE has received the Horizon 2020 seal of excellence following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, of project proposal "iPET" submitted under SME instrument phase 2 call (Nov. 2017).

uswc image

Venture Cup

RI-TE won the HealthTech category of Venture Cup Portugal 2017 (Porto, June 30) and participated in the University Startup World Cup 2017 (Copenhagen, Sep. 18-22), receiving the Best Customer Focus HealthTech award.

PT2020 image

European Union (PT2020)

RI-TE has been funded under the operational programme Centro 2020, supported by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), to lead the execution of R&D project "EasyPET" (2016-18), in co-promotion with the Portuguese Universities of Aveiro (UA) and Coimbra (UC). Visit the project webpage for more information.

ASA image

ANJE Startup Accelerator (ASA)

RI-TE team participated in ANJE (Portuguese National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) Startup Accelerator Program in 2015, being awarded with an installation prize.

Startup League

RI-TE is sponsored by the Startup League.

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